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How to create a winning dream 11 team for IPL? The ultimate strategy

With just a few matches left, you can’t afford to continue to randomly select your Dream11 teams and hope you’ll somehow win and make crores. You need to get strategic, and work hard on finding the dream team. Remember, there are no short-cuts to success. You need to earn your money, it isn’t a gamble. Spend some time on reading this blog and hopefully, you’ll develop the right mindset that’s required for building your dream team. Following are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

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  1. Selecting the Captain for your Dream 11 team: This is the most important aspect of whether you are going to be a contender for the top spot. Hardly anyone’s made it to top 10 without having the #1 point scorer as their captain. The points earned by the player simply get doubled when you appoint that player as a captain. The top performing player would generally score anywhere between 80-130 points, and as a captain, would add 160-260 points (generally almost 30-40% of the total points of any team). This means, if you miss finding the right captain, you need to find another player or players who can compensate for those lost points, which is generally impossible.
  2. Selecting the Vice-captain: This is where it can be a bit tricky. Getting your captain and vice-captain combination right is crucial, however, there could be 2-3 players that could contribute similarly to the overall points. A Vice captain should ideally give you at least 100-150 points (after multiplication by a factor of 1.5) for you to have a chance at the top spot.
  3. Finding the smaller contributors and accounting for failures: A winning team generally excludes any players who score less than 25-30 points. For instance, selecting an opener who only bats and isn’t a good fielder, or an allrounder, has a high risk, but also a high potential reward. The openers get the maximum chance at scoring big runs because they get 20 overs. However, if they get out cheaply, they might end up giving you less than 10 points and denting your hopes for winning completely. Example, Rohit Sharma or R Gaikwad could give you 250 points, but also end up with 10 points if they get out during power plays. So, find players who have multiple ways of scoring points – Batting, bowling, fielding, wicket-keeping.
  4. Betting on unexpected game changers: Most people end up selecting the usual suspects, the players who are in form or are known to hit big. If you are able to identify players whom most people thing won’t contribute, you are already ahead of the majority. For instance, Rahul Tewatia turned out to be a surprise, so did R Gaikwad. Had you selected them as captain or vice-captain in the right matches, you would have definitely been among the top 1 percentile.
  5. Hedge your risks: Depending on how many teams you are able to afford, the more scenarios you are able to cover, the better would be your chances. For example, selecting different pairs of captain and vice captain for different teams with small variations. Betting on bowlers vs all-rounders vs six hitters vs consistent players. Different teams can hedge your risks and hopefully, help you find a combination that’ll work. Also, think about different scenarios like assuming a high scoring match vs a low scoring match.
  6. Know the game – The ground, the pitch, past matches and the players’ strengths: This is the most important aspect of making your team for different matches. There are so many factors you need to keep in mind. For instance, is the match happening in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi? If it’s happening in Sharjah, it has short boundaries, so six hitters have a greater chance, and bowlers might be taken for a pounding. Also, in the past matches, mostly pacers have taken wickets on this pitch. However, as the tournament has progressed, the pitch has become slower and games are starting to become low scoring. So, selecting spin bowlers or all-rounders might give you an advantage along with lower order batsmen. For example, in RCB vs SRH, people who selected Jason Holder and Yujvendra Chahal would have done well.
  7. Spend time on creating your teams: Don’t simply select your team 25 minutes before the start of the match, you need to start thinking and working on in a day in advance. Make an excel sheet with your team combinations and note down all the different factors that could influence different players’ performance. Make your teams at least 2-3 hours prior to the match start time. After the toss and declaration of the playing 11 for both teams, be diligent about making changes based on this new information in the 25 minutes before the match. The slots get filled within the 20 minutes after the toss, so ensure that you have enrolled your teams in the contests.
  8. Know the Dream11 point Scoring rules: If you don’t know the rules then you are just shooting in the dark. You should know how bonus system works, how many points does a wicket or a catch give you and what are the penalties. For example, a bowler needs to take 3 wickets to get 75 points, where as a batsman needs to score just about 60 runs with a few boundaries. In this tournament, lot more batsmen have hit 60s runs vs bowlers who’ve taken 3 wickets. So, selecting a pure bowler as a captain is quite risky. Here are some dream 11 IPL rules you should know:
    1. One wicket = 25 points. 4 wicket bonus= + 8 points
    2. Maiden over= +8 points
    3. Half century bonus = +8 points
    4. Century Bonus = +16 points
    5. Duck = minus 2 points
    6. Stump or direct run out = +12 points, if you are involved in effecting a run out, both players get 6 points each
    7. Catch = +8 points
    8. For economy rate of more than 11 = minus 6 points
    9. Strike rate of 60-70 = -2 points
    10. No points for super over
  9. Don’t gamble, don’t get desperate, don’t get stressed and limit your spend: You are playing to have fun, not to get rich. There are millions of people playing to get that 1 crore, but only a handful will succeed. If you have worked hard, and played fairly, that’s all you can do. Limit the total amount you’ll spend on Dream 11 and in no case, play a single more contest beyond that limit, otherwise you are going to feel as guilty as a gambler.

Here are few ways you can structure you excel sheets for different matches. First, just note down the players and then different combinations for captain and VC. Feel free to copy and paste these into your own excel sheet.

Excel sheet for IPL Dream 11 Team selection

FactorsSmall Ground, more sixes, team batting first wins, higher order batsmen of team 1, lower order of team 2, six hitters
SharjahHigh Scoring
Match 5DCRJ
184/8138Hetmeyer, Stoinis, Iyer, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Twatatia
Match 4MIHyd763 (Q Kock C, Warner VC)
208/5174/7D Kock, Surya Yadav, H Pandya, Pollard, K Pandya, Warner, Bestriw, M Pandey, pacers
Match 3DCKKR915 (S Iyer C, P Shaw C)
228/4210/8P Shaw, S Iyer, Pant, S Gill, E Morgan, R Tripathi
Match 2KXIPRR972 (M Agarwal C, Samson VC)
223/2226/6KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, N Pooran, S Smith, Samson, Tewatia
Match 1RRCSK1016 (Samson C, S Curran VC)
216/7200/6S Smith, Samsan, Duplesis, Watson,M Vijay, K Jadhav, Dhoni
Average 1st innings wickets5.2Lower order batsmen likely to not get a chance – Opp bowlers low wickets
Average 2nd innings wickets7.4Lower order batsmen more chance, opp bowlers more wickets
Average 1st innings runs211.8More points from batsmen batting first
Average 2nd innings runs189.6
If RCB bats firstIf KKR bats first
RCBWorth Captain (6 hitter)KKR
AB Villers254yesD Karthik1851V Kohli fires (high probab)CVCC
Kohli300YesE Morgan242YesKohliPaddkalE Morgan
A Finch192YesS Gill317YesKohliAB
D Padikkal328YesN Rana208KohliFinch
G Mann28R Tripathi159Yes2Kohli fails (No kohli in team)
C Morris103A Russel222PaddikalDube
S Dube216YesS Nrine208PaddikalS Gill
W Sunder177P Cummins1783Kohli fails (no kohli in team)
Y Chahal256N Nagarkoti136AB VillersFinch
I Udana163P Krishna79AB VillersPaddikal
N Saini125V Chakarboty164
Other combinations
A FinchPaddikal
A FinchDube
A FinchR Tripathi
PaddikalR Tripathi
Pick a few lower order six hitters from team 2
Excel sheet for Dream 11 team selection
BLRChennaiPoints to note
Aaron FinchRuturaj Gaikwad– surface being particularly slow at Dubai
Devdutt PadikkalFaf du Plessis– Yesterday’s match at Dubai was low scoring
Virat KohliAmbati Rayudu– Rest were 150+
AB de VilliersNarayan JagadeesanCVC
Gurkeerat SinghMS DhoniT1 (A)CurrenDe Villiars
Washington SundarSam CurranT2 (A)ChahalTahir
Chris MorrisRavindra JadejaT3 (A)CurrenMorris
Mohammed SirajDeepak ChaharT4 (A)Chahar KohliGaikawad Morris
Isuru UdanaShardul ThakurT5 (A)M SirajKohli
Navdeep SainiImran TahirT6 (A)KohliPlessis
Yuzvendra ChahalJosh HazlewoodT7 (A)MorrisChahal
T8 (A)TahirJadeja
Players in form (Bat)T9 (A)JadejaPaddikal
KohliDu PlessisT10 (A)KohliChahal
PaddikalWatsonT11 (A)RayaduCurran
T3FinchAB D
Players in form (Bowl)T4KohliDu Plessis
ChahalD ChaharT5FinchRayadu
MorrisCurrenT6N SainiDu Plessis
UdanaS ThakurT7m aliChahal
SunderBravoT8Chris MorrisCurran
SirajT9Navdeep SainiS Curran
A working sheet for Dream 11 team
Last Match between 2 teams
Top 10 players ffom last macth b/w teamsLast CSK match in Dubai Top 5 players2nd Last CSK match in Dubai Top 5 playersLast KKR Match in Dubai top 5Top 10 players ffom last macth b/w teamsOverall Top 10 for KKR2nd Last KKR Match in Dubai top 5Dubai ground stats from last match
CurranCurranWatsonGIllTripathiCumminsNAAvg. Score 170+
PlessisChaharRayaduMorganWatsonChakravartyNATeam batting 1st higher score
ChaharGaikwadCurranRusselBravoGillNA5-6 wickets per innings
Another way to structure your IPL teams for dream 11
KINGS 11RRAbudhabiLast match at abu dhabiAvg. Score 160
Avg wickets 5
Batting orderBatting orderOverall Top 5 players YTD
M SinghUthappaKINGS 11RR
HoodaParag1M SinghUthappa
ShamiArcher4UthappaM Singh
Ashwin7M SinghShami
Another way to structure your IPL teams for dream 11
RCB VS SunrisersSarjahSunrisers Batting order last matchRunsRBC Last Batting order Match
Last match avg. score 180Warner66Phillipe
Last match avg. wickets – 5Saha87Paddikal
Williamson11D Villiar
Sandeep Sharma2Siraj
Rashid Khan3Chahal
All openers, hence no fas bowlersTeam 1PaddikalPhillepetake other two operners
Batting positionTop order playersTeam 2PhillipleWarnertake other two operners
OpenerPhillpein formTeam 3PaddikalSahatake other two operners
OpenerPaddikalin formTeam 4SahaWarnertake other two operners
1 downKohliTalentTeam 5WarnerPhillepetake other two operners
2 downD VIlliarTalentOne opener doesnt workTeam 6WarnerKohliDont take Phillipe
OpenerWarnerin formTeam 7KohliPaddikalDont take Phillipe
OpenerSahain formTeam 8KohliPhillepeDon’t take paddikal
1 downPandeyin formTeam 9M PandeyWarnerDont take Saha
3 down (A/R)MorrisAll rounderTeam 10M PandeySahaDon’t take warner
2 downWilliamsonout of formTeam 11ABDKohliDon’t take RCB openers
Team 12ABDPandeyDon’t take warner, Saha
SpinnerChahalTeam 13MorrisKohli
SpinnerRashid KhanConsistentTeam 14WilliamsonWarnerDont take Saha
MediumS SharmaTeam 15W SunderM PandeyTake 2 openers from either team
MediumNataraj/SirajTeam 16PaddikalChahal
Team 17PhillipleRashid Khan
PaceHolderTeam 18KohliA sharma
A/RV shankarTeam 19HolderKohli
PaceSteynTeam 20V ShankerPaddk
A/RW SunderTeam 21HolderKohli
Team 22PandeyMorris
D WarnerA CareyTeam 1D WarnerM PandeyLow risk
M PandeyS IyerTeam 2D WarnerDhawan
K WilliamsonDhawanTeam 3M PandeyS Iyer
P GargP ShawTeam 4M PandeyDhawan
J HolderHetmeyerTeam 5S IyerWillamson
V ShankerA rahaneTeam 6DhawanWillamson
A SamadM StonisTeam 7WilliamsonWarner
Rashid KhanA PatelTeam 8StonisPandey
T NatrajanRabadaTeam 9RabadaS Iyer
S SharmaR AshwinTeam 10S IyerDhawan
S NadeemA NortjeTeam 11DhawanS Iyer
BairstorwT DeshpandeyTeam 12RahaneRashid KhanHigh risk
Team 13StonisRashid Khan
Kedhar JadhavTeam 14NortjeStoinis
Team 15ShankerR Pant
Team 16RabadaRashid Khan
Team 17WilliamsonHetmeyer
Team 18PandeyR Ashwin
Team 19P ShawDhawan
Team 20NortjeA carey/R Pant
RRMITeam 1S SamsonQ CockAll roundersSpinners
S SamsonQ CockTeam 2J ButlerS YadavLast match 1Archer gets S Smith outAll roundersLower order batsmen
J ButlerI KishanTeam 3J ButlerBumrahLast match rank 2Bumrah gets S Smith outAll roundersLower order batsmen
S SmithS YadavTeam 4S SmithQ Cock
R UthappaH PandyaTeam 5R UthappaT boult
R ParagS TiwaryTeam 6J ArcherT BoultTop pacers of opposite teams
B StokesPollardTeam 7J ArcherBumarhTop pacers of opposite teams
R TewatiaK PandyaTeam 8S SamsonButlerRR top order batsmen (if RR bats first)
J ArcherT BoultTeam 9J ArcherQ Cock
T CurranBumrahTeam 10T BoultQ Cock
S GopalR ChaharTeam 11T BoultS Yadav
K TyagiPattinsonTeam 12T BoultR Uthappa
J UdankatCoulter NileTeam 13BumrahArcherLast match
Team 14BumrahQ Cock
Team 15BumrahS Smith
Game changersTeam 16PollardSamson
Last inningsLevelTeam 17PollardJ Archer
Surya YadavCaptainTeam 18Hardik PandyaJ Archer
Hardik PandyaVCTeam 19Q CockT Boult
ButlerCaptainTeam 20Q CockIshan Kishan
BumrahCaptainTeam 21S SmithB Stokes
ArcherVCTeam 22Ben StokesJ Butler
PattinsonVCJ ButlerArcher
S GopalVCJ ButlerPattinson
J ButlerSurya yadav
BumrahSurya yadav
ButlerS Gopal
Sharjah (Short boundaries)Expected score170-200FactorsSmall Ground, more sixes, team batting first wins, higher order batsmen of team 1, lower order of team 2, six hitters
Expected winner points700+
DCCSKSharjahHigh Scoring
M Dhoni
A CareyPlessisTeams
S IyerWatsonCaptainVCCVC
DhawanA RayaduTeam Batting first (Higher order)S IyerDhawanP Shaw
P ShawS CurranTeam batting 2nd (lower order)DhawanRahaneP ShawDhawan
HetmeyerR JadejaShawDhawanWatson
A rahaneD Bravo6 hittersOpenersHetmeyerWatsonP Shaw
M StonisS ThakurR PantP ShawRahaneDhawanIyer
A PatelD ChaharS IyerDhawanRabada (low chance)IyerWatson
RabadaP ChawlaDhawanRayaduPlessisIyerP Shaw
R AshwinK SharmaStonisPlessisWatsonWatsonIyer
A NortjePlessisRayaduPlessisWatson
T DeshpandeyWatsonRahanePlessisDhawan
R JadejaPlessisShaw
Kedhar JadhavPlesssisIyer
Assume one of the openers doesnt workRayaduPlessis
Team 1DhawanStonisWatson
P Shaw
Rayadus curram
S WatsonF PlessisT1
S WatsonCurranT2
CurrenF PlessisT5

Upcoming IPL matches: CSK Vs KXIP and KKR Vs RR

What is “ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interface”? Understanding it in simple words

Neuralink or brain-machine interface – These might seem like complicated words, but let’s try to put it in the simplest possible words and try to understand what it means for us, the common people?

In the simplest possible words, ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interface could be understood as making the machine (mobile, computers, etc.) and extension of your own body and senses.

When you interact with your mobile phone, you are constantly consuming large amounts of data, and sending it to your brain through your eyes, ears, and touch. This is a high bandwidth connection between your phone and your senses (and through your senses, your brain). But what if we could bypass the senses and download all that information directly to the parts of the brain that would eventually process it? That’ll mean ultra-high bandwidth connection between the machine (your phone) and your brain. In a way, the machine becomes a new ‘sense’ for you.

However, this is just one part of the equation. How about communicating with the machine? This is where we are facing severe limitations at the moment. Typing, speaking, and touching are low bandwidth operations, you can only communicate as much. While there have been some advancements with AI-based voice and gesture recognition (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa et all), we still aren’t able to share as much information with the machines. In fact, even when we speak with others, using a limited set of words humanity has invented, a lot gets lost in translation. How about transferring or uploading all that information directly from the brain to your phone, or even to someone else’s brain without having to translate your thoughts into words? You would be able to communicate with the machines (phone/computer etc.) lot faster and share your actual intent. This would be the same as how you communicate with your hand, with your leg when you are running, writing, or typing. You don’t need to talk to your leg to move it while you are walking on rocky terrain, your brain just uses its ultra-high bandwidth interface with your leg to instruct it and also to get the information your foot senses in real-time.

We’ll not go into the technicalities of Neuralink and how it is supposed to work because you can find all that information on Neuralink’s website, but it’s basically a device with 1024 electrodes (latest version) that are lowered into your brain, through your skull. And these electrodes can then transfer information to and fro from the brain to your phone or another computing device, using Bluetooth. It can detect brain activity, predict your actions, and activate certain neurons or regions in your brain in different ways.

So, what does it mean for the world?

When ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interface becomes a reality for humans, and in its advanced stages, following our some of the applications we can imagine at the moment (but the possibilities are really endless):

  1. Treat where brain-related diseases like anxiety, depression, memory loss, bipolar disorder, brain tumor, etc.
  2. Treat physical disabilities like loss of vision, hearing, paralysis, etc.
  3. Enable telepathy between people, people and machines, people, and devices such as TV, homes, etc. At a certain point, it could help inter-species communication too (just my imagination at the moment)
  4. Download and upload your memories – Your memories can be downloaded to a machine and maybe an AI-based device can process it and become your alter-ego!
  5. Change education forever – Anything you want to learn can directly be uploaded to your brain and you can use your mobile app to disable/enable different skills you need at different points in your life.
  6. Replace TV, mobile, and screens – Information can directly be passed into the brain, so you could basically watch movies without using a screen, directly into your brain.
  7. Replace reality – Experiences could be developed to transport you to an alternate reality, where everything seems and feel like the real world, but is basically just a projection into your mind through the brain-machine interface.
  8. Extend life: The brain-machine device can detect patterns and predict if your brain is switching off, and could possibly stimulate certain parts that are required for you to survive for that much longer.

Some of it might sound scary, but it’s just like the concept of the internet in the early 1990s. The Brain-machine interface is going to be a giant leap for humanity.

Image source: Neuralink

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